Exchange with Methwold High School - Day 1

We met at the bus stop in front of our school at 8.45am. After all the cases and bags had been stowed away and we all had said good bye to our parents, we left Lüdenscheid half an hour later. 

After three hours we had a break in the Netherlands for twenty minutes.

Then, at 1,30pm we arrived at Hoek van Holland. Three hours later we took the ferry. 

At this point of time we were still optimistic about the weather because the sun was shining but it was only like that for the next two days. At the rest of the week we had “lüdenscheider” weather. That means that it was foggy and rainy.  

It took us four hours to get from Hoek van Holland (Netherlands) to Harwich (England). There we went by train to the Bury ST Edmunds station where we saw our host families for the first time, so we had finally arrived and were ready to collect new experiences.