Exchange with Methwold High School - Day 2

On Tuesday we went to Methwold High School with our partners. All of us had to go by bus to get to school because all the pupils live in different villages far away from it. This high school is a comprehensive school, about 800 pupils visit it.  

School in England is very different from school in Germany  because of many reasons: in England they wear school uniforms and in Germany they don’t, school starts at 9.10am there and in Germany at 7.50am, in England they have a cafeteria where they can eat lunch and school ends at 3.10pm there and in Germany at 1.10pm.  

Our partners were in different forms which is why we all had different subjects. We tell you just about some of them. In Maths they were working on graphics, in German they had to translate a German text into English and in Science they learned something about vibrations and how they get into your ears.

Instead of going to the lessons we played rounders after the lunch break. At first we hardly understood the rules but at the end of the afternoon we all were great fans of this game. Of course the game we played wasn’t as long as a real one because such games mostly last about three days.