Exchange with Methwold High School - Day 4

Thursday was the best but also the most distressing day of the whole week. We left Methwold High School at 8.45am and about three hours later we arrived in London. We passed the Tower, London Eye, The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. Then we went along the Thames  where we got out and from where we walked to Trafalgar Square. On our way we saw the symbol of London for many times: a red bus. 

At Trafalgar Square we had a break for half an hour. During this break we got the chance to visit the National Gallery or just to relax and watch Nelson’s Column which is situated there.  

Then we continued our walk through London. We went to Buckingham Palace. In front of it we saw a lot of well-dressed ladies and gentlemen because the Queen gave a tea party on that day.  

After this we took the bus again and went to Oxford Street where we had about two hours time for shopping in small groups. Especially the girls enjoyed that part of the day. 

Later we went to Covent Garden which was something special because of all the street entertainers. There was for example a man whose skin, hair and clothes were completely silver and another man played the guitar. We also had time to go shopping.  

In the evening we did something really unique; we went to the musical The Lion King. All of us were enthusiastic about the great costumes, the amazing voices of the actors and the wonderful stage design. At 1 o’clock in the morning we arrived at Methwold High School where our host families had already been waiting to take us home.