Exchange with Methwold High School - Day 5

On the next day (we all were still tired) we went to Ely first. In Ely we saw a cathedral and we went on a conducted tour through Oliver Cromwell’s house. Oliver Cromwell lived in the 17th century and is still very important for the British people because he led the nation during the period in which the country was a republic.  

He had lived in Ely before he became so important and powerful. The journey through his home began in the parlour. The parlour was something like a living-room. Then we went to the kitchen. In the kitchen there was a big table on which you could see all the food the people ate and needed 400 years ago. 

Upstairs we watched a film about Oliver Cromwell in the portrait room. In the room in which weapons from the civil war were exhibited we could put on clothes the Britains wore at that time. After the study room we finally visited the haunted bedroom (it’s called like that because some people saw Oliver Cromwell’s ghost there). Oliver Cromwell lay on his deathbed and a voice told us how, when and why he died. In the souvenir shop many of us bought something to remember the trip. 

After that we went to Cambridge which is famous for its excellent universities. We visited one of them. Our teacher Herr Daßler told us that the students who want to study there had to have an A in every A-level subject and that they had to talk with the principal before getting there. The university was surrounded by a beautiful park with a pond in which ducks were swimming. Afterwards we had almost three hours to go shopping in Cambridge.