Exchange with Methwold High School - Days 6 and 7

On Saturday we went to play bowling in King’s Lynn in the morning but not all of us could take part. We had to form groups of six and every group had one railway to play on. Most of us played bowling for the first time, so it wasn’t a big surprise when we lost. In the afternoon we could do what we wanted.  

On our last day there wasn’t a programme, so everyone did something else with his host family. Some of us went for example to the cinema or to Norwich, a big town in Norfolk, to go shopping or to watch a Carnival Parade which took place there at the weekend. The parade consisted of Disney characters, pirates, rugby players and dancers. You could also listen to a band that was playing different songs or you could take a ride on the merry-go-rounds.  

Others went to Center Park where they swam and played bowling or did something completely different. One of us was lucky because he spent three days in Silverstone to watch a formula 1 race (Michael Schumacher won it, Kimi Raikonnen became second and Rubens Barrichello third).