A day at Cambridge

by Kirsten Bruder and Janine Grote, 8a


We took part in the 20 th  annual England exchange from 9 th to 16 th June 1999.
14th June was designated for a minibus trip to the ‘city of universities’ Cambridge. At 8.00 a.m. we left our English partners and disappeared in two minibuses.
The city Cambridge was founded in 1210. Beside Oxford and London it is the oldest and most important university city  in England.

It’s best known for its mathematical and scientific faculties.
Today there live 90.000 people in Cambridge.

Then we went downtown by bus. Mr. Daßler, who was in charge of the exchange, showed us some campus where students studied and lived.

After that we were allowed to explore Cambridge on our own. Some of us visited the city while others took a boat ride which was supervised by students.

Later we met again and went to the Cathedral of Ely. It was a very nice experience to have been in Cambridge and Ely.