My English host familiy

by Kai Philip Gehlhar, 8b


When I arrived at my host family on Wednesday it was very late because of a puncture of our minivan. My family gave me a warm welcome. Especially Bonzo, a big German bulldog, whipped with his tail in the whole hall. Then they showed me my room. It was very small but comfortable. And my exchange partner had to sleep in the attic instead.

The next day we went to London. My host mother gave me three sandwiches with turkey sausage and four colas. From this time she knew what I liked and made it standard. It was exactly the same with breakfast. From the second morning on I ate cereals (muesli). Andrew had a toast  ketchup each time. I don’t know if the others had breakfast or not.

In the evening we played games. I had given Andrew one game as a present from Germany or another game we played was what  we call “Mau-Mau” in Germany. It was a very funny evening for us, Andrew, his older sister and me. Usually we didn’t have so much time and mostly we only played “Nintendo”.

On Sunday the whole family made a trip to the eastern sea side, nearly eighty kilometres from Thetford. It was a warm and sunny day. At the beach we built sandcastles and made a race through the water. In the afternoon we visited a fair with many interesting roundabouts.

There we met several pupils from “Methwold  Highschool” together with their German exchange partners.

All in all I had a great time with my family and the English language.