Our exchange trip to Norfolk

by Monika Stawinoga and Lars and Julia Graeve, 8a


On Wednesday, 9th June 1999,  at 9 am we started our coach ride at our school, heading for the Netherlands. We left on time while our parents and fellow students were waving us “Goodbye”.

We were all very excited. What would it be like in England? Will I get on well with my exchange partner? During the three-hour  journey we enjoyed ... well …?. The ferry that should take us from Holland to England only departed at 1 pm so we had time to amuse ourselves at the port. The ferry had lots of facilities such as McDonalds’ and even a disco.

Finally after a three-hour voyage we arrived in England. Two minibusses from Methwold Highschool  picked us up. It was weird for us to drive on the wrong side of the road and because it was a tight fit in the minibuses we were very anxious to get to Methwold quickly. But we didn’t because suddenly a big bang came from one of the minibusses. We had a puncture! Luckily we were near a filling-station. We were allowed to pass the time on a field nearby.

Meanwhile Mr Allen had called for roadside help and after an hour they made it possible for us to carry on with our journey.

Thus we arrived later than expected at Methwold Highschool.

We were all very nervous when we finally met our exchange partners. After we had got a bit more organised Mr Allen and Mr Daßler announced the plans for the following days. At last we went to our exchange partners’ homes.