21st Annual German Exchange ( 20th – 27th June 2000)

Methwold Highschool Thetford (GB)

Geschwister-Scholl-Gymnasium, Lüdenscheid



Tuesday, 20th June 2000 Our guests arrive at Harwich 6.30 p.m.
Wednesday, 21st June 2000 London Trip: To school on buses. Meet at 0845 am. Return 9pm

Visits to: The Tower, Westminster Houses of  Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Oxford Street ffor 1 ½  hours shopping, Madame Tussaud’s Waxworks Museum

Thursday, 22nd June 2000 Morning; Group A of the guests goes on a visit to Swaffham, Eco Tec

Group B in school: to partners’ lessons

Afternoon: Group A in lessons, group B on trip to High Lodge

Friday, 23rd June 2000 Visitors on day-trip to Cambridge (+ Ely)

Evening (optional): Rollerbury

Saturday, 24th June 2000 Free, to spend with families or optional trip to Strikes at King’s Lynn.
Sunday, 25th June 2000 Free, to spend with families
Monday, 26th June 2000 Germans on day trip, to Morston Quai, Roy Moreton Boats at 11.30 am. + Coastal path to Blakeney, Hunstanton Sealife Museum

Evening: 7.00 pm. Swim Party and Barbecue (BBQ) at the pool or room 7 and N1, depending on the weather

Tuesday, 27th June 2000 Guests return home at 8.15 am.