22nd Annual Exchange 26th June to 3rd July 2001

by Periklis Moissidis, 9b

At 9 o’ clock on Tuesday (26th June) we left school. The coach ride was very strenuous. We passed the time listening to music, talking to each other or only watching out of the window.

When we finally arrived in a small harbor in Holland we had a lot of time because the ferry didn’t depart at 16.30 am  but at 17.30 am.

We spent a nice time on the ferry. There was a shop, some bars, a kind of cinema and even a casino. After a three-hour journey  we arrived in England where two mini buses took us to Methwold High School where we were welcomed in a very friendly way. We all were very tired and so we quickly went  home with our exchange partners.

On Wednesday we started our first trip with our partners to London. In this way we had the chance to know them better. First we visited Tower Bridge and the harbor where we later had a break. Next we went to the Houses of Parliament, one of the most important buildings in that big city. We even had time to go shopping, but it was too short to see more than just a few shops. At last we went to Madame Tussaud’s “Rock Circus”. It was absolutely interesting because pop singers like Madonna, Robbie Williams and lots of others are realistically presented as wax models.

The congested streets of London were also fascinating. Day and night you can meet lots of people who come from every part of the world.

On Thursday we went to  Ely to visit the cathedrale and Oliver Cromwell’s House. An anciently dressed woman showed us into the rooms where Oliver Cromwell or “Lord Protector” had once lived. Later we visited a couple of colleges in Cambridge where students live and study. Anyway, we had almost three hours to go shopping in Cambridge.

The next day we just walked to the coast  in order to go to the seal sites by ship.  We stayed on a small island from where we were able to watch them well. Then we had a break. It was very boring, because there wasn’t anything exciting to do or to see. When we went back to MHS, we went with our exchange partners home by bus. Then we could spend some time with them and their families.

In the evening Cassie Arbour and I met some friends to play “Uno” and later we went to the playground. On Saturday from about 11 am to 1 pm, we went bowling in King’s Lynn. We had a funny time there. I was surprised to see that the Germans played that game very well because in Germany there aren’t many bowling centres. After that we were allowed to spend the rest of the day with our exchange partners. On Sunday everybody had the chance to spend their time with their exchange partners and their families.

On Monday there were two groups. Group A visited the police and fire stations of Thetford in the morning while group B stayed in their partners’ lessons, In the afternoon group B went to High Lodge, an adventure park in Thetford Forest, and group A stayed in their partners’ lessons. On the last evening there was a barbecue at Methwold High School for all the Germans and their exchange partners. That evening Mr Allen taught us how to play cricket.

The trip back to Lüdenscheid was really short because we had to talk about all the funny and interesting things that had happened during the exchange.