Metwold exchange pupils in Lüdenscheid

by Anna Dulski, Raajine Rajamanoharan, 9c

Sunday was a family day. Some went swimming and the others showed their partners the city or went to other cities.

On Monday, we went to school by bus or car or walked and took our partners to the rooms where they had two lessons, in which Mrs. Malycha welcomed them with a speech. During the first break most partners met and talked a lot. In the third lesson some partners attended our normal lessons and after that eberybody  who took part in the exchange  went to the town hall, where the mayor of Lüdenscheid welcomed themm. He delivered a speech which Mr. Dass- ler had to translate for our partners.

Later the two newspapers of Lüdenscheid wanted to take some photos of us. After that every- one could write their names in the guestbook and then we got some drinks. After that some of us went shopping or showed their partners the city. In the afternoon, there was a sports event in our gym. Most pupils  were wet, because it had begun to rain. We had different games to play. At first we could choose badminton or basketball and later we played football. In the evening, some pupils  went to an ice-cream cafeteria. It was very funny.

On Tuesday all people visited Movie World. First we went to the backstage place. Because of the Terror in America the security  searched our bags. We had to form two groups. One was for the German pupils and the other one for the English pupils. A man showed us in a little room how films are made. Before we could go outside, a volunteer (Peri) was wounded like they wound people in films. 

Then we got to  the park. And we had a few minutes to ride on rollercoasters before we saw a funny show. Mr. Allen taught us to fly like superman and Mrs Hansen was on a high building and the ladder on which she was standing began to fall. Two of us had to make noises in front of cameras and two of us were on board a ship when a storm started. We could choose if the two got 2000 litres of sea water  into their faces or 4000 litres and of course we chose 4000 litres. They got very wet. 

After that we watched a 3-D show in English. Finally we were allowed to ride on all the roller- coasters and some of us saw a Stunt show. When we went back to the “Scholl” in the evening everyone was talking about the funny day, which rollercoasters they they had taken a ride on and how they liked the shows.

Wednesday was a holiday. Many pupils went to Cologne or went swimming.

On Thursday our English exchange partners went to Phantasialand. 

On Friday the Engilsh group had two lessons at school and then they went to a fire station. In the afternoon most of us met Mr. Allen and went shopping. After that there was a bowling event at  the Mercure Hotel. When it ended some of us thought about a Farewell Party.

Saturday was the day of leaving. It was very sad and most German and English partners star- ted to cry and all had to console each other.

I think none of us will ever forget this exchange because it was so funny. We all enjoyed it and we want to say special  thanks to all families and teachers, who supported the exchange.